Buchtipp: Holding Up The Universe


Das Buch ist auf Englisch!

Libby Strout was the fattest Teenager in America. So fat, that she couldn’t even leave her house anymore. After years of exhausting diets and weight-loss-camps, Libby finally reaches a normal weight and decides to give Highschool another try. Not a stranger to being bullied, Libby has to overcome her fears and insecurities to make friends.

Jack Masselin is popular, easygoing, cool. Well respected and liked by almost anybody, Jack’s life couldn’t be any better. Or at least it seems so. Because Jack has one big secret: he can’t recognize faces. Every time he sees his family or friends, he has to guess who it is. Once he takes his eyes off of them, he forgets who he’s talking to. They could be total strangers, as far as he knows. Nobody, not even his own family, is aware of this. So far, Jack had to fight his battels alone. Every day. His life starts to change, as he participates in an act of bullying on Libby. The two are punished to go to a group-counseling, which at first, they don’t realy like or care for. But after a while they get to know each other better and maybe, just maybe, they’re not as alone as they think.

Jennifer Niven hat mit „Holding Up The Universe“ ein wirklich unglaubliches Buch geschrieben. Es werden Themen behandelt, die sonst oft unter den Teppich gekehrt werden und weckt so wirkliches Mitgefühl mit den Protagonisten. Ihre mutige Themenwahl und ihre tolle Schreibweise machen die Geschichte sehr interessant.

  • von Jennifer Niven
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • erschienen im Knopf Books for Young Readers Verlag
  • 17,71€ (gebundene Ausgabe)
  • 8,99€ (Taschenbuch)
  • 400 Seiten
  • empfohlenes Alter: 14-17 Jahre

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